College of Health Sciences: Release of Student Information

Students must sign a release requesting enrollment verification, verification of degree, recommendations, letters of reference, or release of other student information. For a “Letter of Degree or Enrollment Verification,” the student should use the form provided by the Office of the Registrar (see: The Office of the Registrar is the only authorized office at Rush University to release enrollment or degree verification information.

For recommendations or letters of reference, a release form is required for information given out by College of Health Sciences (CHS) faculty. This form is available at: (Please note: The College of Health Sciences requires that all recommendations or letters of reference - even if they are based upon the recommender’s personal observation or knowledge - have a release form on file before the person writing the recommendation can release the recommendation/letter of reference.)

Student grades will not be posted and cannot be given out over the telephone or via e-mail.

For additional information, students should refer to the Rush University Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality of Student Records and FERPA.