College of Health Sciences: Mission and Vision

The purposes of Rush University are to educate students as practitioners, scientists and teachers who will become leaders in advancing health care and to further the advancement of knowledge through research. The College of Health Sciences, as an integral component of the University, seeks to prepare superb practitioners and leaders in the allied health professions to provide the very best care for our patients. In addition, the College seeks to make meaningful and significant contributions in advancing health care through excellence in research, scholarship, and service. In keeping with the Rush University practitioner-teacher model, the College integrates patient care, research, scholarship and service into the teaching-learning process of developing future allied health professionals and leaders.


The mission of the College of Health Sciences is to advance the quality and availability of health care through excellence in education, research and scholarship, service and patient care. The College promotes the values of diversity, access and inclusion in all of its endeavors.


The College of Health Sciences at Rush University will be a world class school of allied health sciences whose programs are recognized as among the best in the United States.