College of Health Sciences: Procedures for the Implementation of an Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

After approval of a request for an academic accommodation by the Rush University Student Disability Assessment Team (the Team), the Director of Academic and Student Affairs (the Director) in the College of Health Sciences will be notified regarding the granted accommodation. The Director will schedule a meeting with the student to discuss the accommodation and to identify any special circumstances that may need to be considered with regard to its implementation. The student will a sign a release allowing the Director to communicate with individuals in the student's program on a need to know basis about the accommodation and to discuss its purpose and rationale. The Director will coordinate the implementation of the accommodation. Accommodation arrangements will be made by the department. Students are responsible for aids or assistance of a personal nature such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, computers and attendants for services to be used at home or on campus. The student with a disability is responsible for contacting the Director if he or she feels that the approved accommodations are not being implemented as recommended.

The Director will meet with the student at least once each academic year to evaluate the effectiveness of the accommodation, the resulting academic outcomes, and the need to continue, modify, or expand the accommodation. The student will meet with the Director at a time that is mutually agreeable for the purpose of completing this evaluation. The Director may consult with faculty or other appropriate individuals to obtain information that will be helpful in evaluating the success of student accommodations. Any requests for changes to the student accommodation resulting from this meeting will need to be submitted by the student to the Team for further consideration and a decision regarding approval.