Health Care Ethics: Certificate

Since 1998, the Department of Religion, Health and Human Values has offered a Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Care Ethics online via the Internet. Most of the courses occur “asynchronously,” like ordinary coursework (reading and preparation of assignments). Lectures, cases, and questions and comments by the students and faculty are posted in the course folder. The Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Care Ethics consists of three separate courses taken in the order listed. Each course carries three credits for a total of nine quarter hours. Students are encouraged to take the classes during one academic year, but may take them over a longer period of time.

HHV 501 Introduction to Health Care Ethics
HHV 502 Major Issues in Health Care Ethics
HHV 503 Seminar in Health Care Ethics

Admission Requirements
Applicants must be a graduate of an accredited undergraduate and/or professional program, and have a GPA of 3.0 in most recent degree work.

Application Process
Applicants complete the online application found at

Online Clinical Experience
Online clinical experience can be arranged upon request.