Procedure For Rush University Students With Hazardous Exposures

Exposure Incident Definition: Eye, mouth, mucous membrane, non-intact skin contact, or parenteral exposure to blood or potentially infectious or hazardous materials, that result from the performance of a duty related to a student's educational program.

Procedure at Rush University Medical Center:

1. Wash injured area with soap and water. If eyes, nose or mouth, use water only.
2. Immediately report the incident to your preceptor/course instructor.
3. Immediately call and then report to Employee and Corporate Health Services (ECHS), Room 100 Senn Building, (312) 942-5878.
4. If ECHS is closed, immediately report to Emergency Services (ES), 1 Murdock, (312) 942-6428. Please bring your student ID or indicate that you are a student and not an employee. If student is seen in ES, the student must report to ECHS on the next business day.
5. Supply ECHS or ES nurse/physician with the following information on the source: name, date of birth, medical record number, known medical diseases (Hepatitis B, HIV) and patient room number. All information is recorded confidentially in the Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Record.
6. Students will be counseled or treated as deemed appropriate by ECHS or ES personnel.
7. Return to ECHS or to consultants as directed for follow-up lab work and treatment as indicated.
8. E-mail: regarding exposure with exposed student's name, college, course, date, time and details of exposure for follow-up and to ensure proper billing of the services received.

Procedure if off campus:

Follow the protocol at your facility. If directed to Rush ECHS or ES facility, bring source patient information (#5 above), and source blood in one lavender top and one marble top tube labeled “source patient”. E-mail with exposed student's name, college, course, date, time and details of exposure for follow-up and billing. Follow-up care should be received at ECHS or at consultants as directed by ECHS.

Revised 5/19/2009

Phone Numbers Students May Need:

Rush University Counseling Center (312) 942-3687
RUMC Campus Security (312) 942-5678
RUMC Emergency Room (312) 942-6428
RUMC Employee & Corporate Health Services (312) 942-5878
Crisis Lines
National Suicide Hotline (800) 273-8255
YWCA Rape Crisis Hotline (888) 293-2080
Alcoholics Anonymous 24 hr Hotline (312) 346-1475
Narcotics Anonymous 24 hr Hotline (708) 848-4884
Northwestern Memorial Hosp 24 hr Hotline (312) 926-8100
Domestic Violence Helpline (City of Chicago) (877) 863-6338
Sarah's Inn Hotline (domestic violence) (708) 386-225
Chicago Police Department 911


The hospital policy is OP-0028