Disability-Related Programs

Rush University and Rush University Medical Center have been in the forefront of institutions promoting disability rights, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In recognition of these efforts, Rush University Medical Center and Rush University College of Nursing were honored with the 2004 Henry Betts, MD, Award from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the top corporate award for disability rights and employment advocacy. Rush University Medical Center has also been cited as “setting the standard of excellence in America” in a major report, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, on the crisis of health care for people with disabilities.

Rush University is committed to providing equal opportunity for and serving the needs of all its students. The Student Disability Assessment Team works with students with disabilities to identify and implement appropriate accommodations. For further information or to request an accommodation, please contact the college representative listed below or click here to access the Students with Disabilities website.

Rush Medical College - Robert M. Leven, PhD
(312) 942-6779

College of Nursing - Suzanne Perraud, PhD
(312) 942-6860

College of Health Sciences - Richard Peach, PhD
(312) 942-3293

The Graduate College - James M. Williams, PhD
(312) 942-3598

Office of the Associate Provost Student Affairs
(312) 942-2819

For disability-related assistance, questions, or concerns, contact:

Beverly B. Huckman
Associate Vice President for Equal Opportunity
Chair, Rush ADA Task Force
(312) 942-7093